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Katara waterbending appreciation post


Waterbending | A Martial Art 

Waterbending is based on a style of T’ai chi ch’uan, specifically the Yang style. It is a Chinese martial art that features slow movements and elegant forms that evoke the feel of flowing water. Like tai chi, a waterbender’s main advantage is the ease with which he or she can control his or her opponent, not simply harming them. Like a practitioner of tai chi, a waterbender can typically find that softness and breathing are more effective for his or her ability than hard aggression,


Katara appreciation time:

  • Can we talk about how she learned all her water-bending mostly by herself?
  • Can we talk about her never ending ingenuity throughout the series?
  • Can we talk about how she is only 13 and was able to defeat both a fire master (Azula) and a water master (Hama)?
  • Can we talk about her pity towards the man who killed her mother?
  • Can we talk about how she never stopped caring for her friends and family even in the worst situations?
Say what you want about Katara, but she is the best role model/friend you could have had in the entire series. She had always kept it together even when she lost her mother and when Aang had his issues.


Katara + Waterbending

"Water is the element of change."


Amazing piece of fanart of Katara. Such a piece of beautiful art fills me with such HOPE. DeviantArt link is HERE.

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for some reason drawing Katara is therapeutic and hella fun nvn

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What’s your excuse, running out of muscle?!!”

holy shit this is fucking amazing lol

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